Keep on the Shadowfell

The Story So Far
What's Happened So Far

Day 1

Session 1

Ventured forth into the town of Winterhaven
Talked to Brandis (Winterhaven guard captain)
Told us to go kill Irontooth for 500gp
Left the town and ran into a group of Kobolds
Kicked their butts
Svok (Kobold dude) survived
We let him go
Agreed to get Irontooth out of his lair so we could go kill the Cult of Orcas
Gave Dim a set of Dwarven chainmail (~500gp)
Got an amulet off of the Wyrm priest
Got 625xp and 5gp 23sp
Went back into the town and rested

Session 2

Brandis referred us Valthrun (Old Priest/Sorcerer/Historian) about Cult/Amulet
Vaguely mentioned opening a rift to the nether regions/aether/oblivion
Said he’d read up on the Cult/Rift
(We should probably talk to him again)
Went back to the Tavern to get drunk
Some ruffians came in and got all angry with Ninaran (Elf in the dark corner)
Whooped them
One thug Escaped
(Should probably try running out the back door to see if he’s there)
Got 500xp and 5gp
Ninaran got some splainin to do

Day 2

Session 3

Talked to Ninaran about the cult, she insists she is a simple hunter.
Spoke to Valthrun the next morning, justified our thoughts on the cults activity with the kobolds.
Convinced Ninaran to come with us to the Shadowfell to investigate the cultist activities
Further convinced her to help us inside the dungeon under the Shadowfell
Goblin Attack!
Agatha did massive damage while Dim helped
Ghesh decided to fall into a pit and get attacked by a rat swarm
Agatha went down, but Goblins were defeated.
Spent Healing Surges, everyone at a decent health.

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